What is included in my ticket price?
The Medieval Banquet is a theatrical dinner experience. You get over 2 hours of themed entertainment, including speciality acts which can include knights, jesters, strongmen, contortionists and magicians. There are also live Medieval musicians and singers. Your ticket also includes a 4 course medieval themed feast and, in traditional medieval style, Red wine and Ale during the meal.

Food & Drink

Do you have a vegetarian option?
The Medieval Banquet caters for Vegetarian and other specialist meals.To view our vegetarian menu please click Medieval Banquet Menus. For all special dietary please notify the reservations team at the time of booking.
Do you have any gluten free food?
We do cater for celiacs, please inform us at the time of booking.
Do you serve Halal meat?
We are happy to arrange it but we need to be informed about all dietary requirements at the time of booking.


Do I have to book in advance?
Reservation and payment is required in advance.
How far in advance do reservations have to be made?
Although we may have places available at late notice, we recommend confirming availability or placing a provisional reservation few weeks prior to the event.
Are you open every day?
The Medieval Banquet is open most days, but please call +44 (0)20 7480 5353 or email info@medievalbanquet.com to confirm.
How much is the family ticket?
Family ticket is available on certain dates – please email info@medievalbanquet.com or call us on 0207 480 5353 for further info.
Is there a minimum group size?
Individuals as well as groups are welcome.
Do you take Hen Party bookings?
Hen and Stag parties are welcome, please mention it at the time of booking for special arrangements.
Do you have venue hire facilities?
You can hire the venue for any type of event. For more information please email info@medievalbanquet.com.


Is it suitable for children?
The Medieval Banquet is primarily an adult geared venue. However, due to attractive nature of the theme it is appealing to children also. We always welcome children, with free entry to children under 4. This year we have introduced our new family ticket providing great value to you. Sunday Showtime is 6:00pm instead of 8:15pm.
High Chairs
If you are bringing a young child, please notify us in advance so we can have the high chair ready.

The Show

What is the dress code?
The Medieval Banquet does not have a dress code. The majority of guests wear smart casual. We also have medieval costumes you can hire on arrival.
Your web site says that doors open at 7:15pm yet the show only begins at 7:45pm — what is there to do in between?
As a theatrical experience, at 7:45pm the performers will have taken to the stage. By this point it is advisable for guests to be in their seats although we do provide for late entry. You may wish to come early to take advantage of our well stocked bar or to hire out a medieval costume or simply mingle with the other guests.
When does the show end?
The entertaining and feasting ends at approximately 10:30pm and we stay open till 11:30pm. The bar is open and there is music and dancing and you can meet with the cast.
What happens if I need to leave my seat or any reason?
Unlike the theatre, you are not confined to your seat and feel free to move around. You may need to make a call, go to the toilet, or just fancy a chat at the bar. Our only restrictions apply when the specialty acts are performing. You cannot (other than in an emergency) get up during these 15 minute slots. If you choose to leave your seat prior to the act, you will not be able to get back to your seat until that segment is finished. This is a health and safetly point. You will have to sit or stand the remaining time wherever you happen to be. However, from there you will be able to see the act nearest.
Do I have to join in?
The simple answer is no. This is an interactive experience, but how much you wish to participate is totally up to you! There will be many opportunities to dress up, dance with the cast, sing, hit your fists on your plate and cry for your wench to bring you more food or drink.
Can I take photographs?
You are welcome to take photographs.

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